this is a project about sifting and sorting, and collecting some of the things I find that help me make sense of the world and my work. it’s also an exercise in evolving and finding my voice. and in sharing, with the hope that others might find these things useful.

at its core this project is about sustainability, the central topic of my work. environmental, social, economic, and the intersections between. at the human level and the systemic societal level.

the points at which beauty and creativity flow through – the humanity and drive for equality at the core of social movements, the parallel between diverse walkable cities and the innate desire to share urban sightssoundssmells with people, the power of design in changing manufacturing, the role of music in spreading ideas and sharing across cultures, of poetry in inspiring positive change.

and the zen at the core of sustainable living, found somewhere past cynicism, where we can find beginner’s mind, non-judgment, non-striving, and the kindness to ourselves that underlies kindness to each other and the planet.


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