(photo courtesy of Eyoälha Baker)

a writer, researcher and urban planning innovator, erin mcmorrow is an urban sustainability maven. having recently graduated from the university of southern california’s sol price school of public policy with a PhD in policy, planning and development, she is author of the dissertation work: do sustainability plans affect urban outcomes in santa monica, san francisco, and san jose?

erin specializes in high-level analysis and systems thinking to solve complex problems with creative solutions. she believes in the power of collaboration between diverse minds and interdisciplinary cross-sectoral perspectives. during her time in academia with members of her cohort specializing in public policy, public administration, and real estate development, erin focused her research on the intersections between the environment, the economy, and social equity, and drew from different threads of theory and research to push the conversation forward about today’s pressing issues.

beyond her time at USC, erin has worked on a number of public policy issues, including housing and homelessness, public heath, and food policy through non-profit organizations and political campaigns. having also traveled extensively, Erin has a global perspective, including a strong interest in international development solutions.

erin has most recently found herself working on a number of local Venice place-based solutions around community building, urban agriculture, coastal access, and creative use of space. she is also working on freelance writing projects focusing on urban and global sustainability.

her work and life stuff is collected here


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