anais nin: artist in a world of war

“At the end of this diary I feel I have accomplished what I hoped to accomplish: to reveal how
personal errors influence the whole of history and that our real objective is to create a
human being that will not go to war.
I am not indifferent to the greater dramas hanging over us, but drama is everywhere
the same, microcosm or macrocosm. It is not my destiny to live the drama of Spain, war,
death, agony, hunger. It is my destiny to live the drama of feeling and imagination, reality
and unreality, the drama underlying others, a drama without guns, dynamite, explosions.
But it is the same one, it is from this one that the other is born: conflict, cruelty, revenge,
jealousy, envy. In me it all happens in another world, it all happens in myself, and myself as
an artist who remembers each day more what each day of my life touches in the past. I do not
live beyond war, the drama that hastens death, accelerates the end. I live the personal drama
responsible for the larger one, seeking a cure. Perhaps it is a greater agony to live this life in
which my awareness makes a thousand revolutions while others make only one. My span
may seem smaller but it is really larger because it covers all the obscure routes to the soul and
body seeking truth, seeking the antiserum against hate and war, never receiving medals for its
courage. It is my thousand years of womanhood I am recording, a thousand women. It would
be simpler, shorter, swifter not to seek this deepening perspective to my life and lose myself in
the simple world of war, hunger, death.”

~Diary of Anais Nin 1955-1966



  1. Elena Maggioni

    Love Anais Nin, a great inspiration in my life.

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